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ISSN: International Standard Serial Number

ISSN is a unique serial number that identifies publications with the same title/name required for magazines, newspapers, electronic publications and directories. These unique ISSN numbers are then translated into a barcode that should be placed on the front/back of all titles.

Once a publication is produced either in print or electronic format that is for general distribution it is required to submit complete copy of the publication to the International Association of ISSN and one copy of publication with ISSN published covers required to be submitted to each of the five legal Depositories - National Libraries in South Africa.

ISSN applications are not needed for once-off publications, magazine/newspaper specials as well as calendars, diaries or posters.

ISSN Application Services

MM Services include applications for ISSN on your behalf and manage all correspondence needed to complete applications successfully.

To complete the application on your behalf the following is required:

  • Complete attached application document; Attach a PDF/JPEG of the Front Cover of magazine/publication/electronic version with Title; Details/Editorial page which must include: Holding company/Publisher name; Postal Address; Contact details; Physical address; Editorial staff
  • If magazine has not yet been published a (mock-up) of the above will be sufficient

It can take 10 to 14 days to get an ISSN unique serial number. It is recommended to apply one month before general distribution is intended as there are times that the ISSN requires additional information or need to consult with other ISSN national centres before approval. This could delay application and unfortunately is out of our control. All correspondence will be forwarded to you.

Service Cost: Please contact us for a quote

This service is for new title applications only, please do get in touch should you only need title changes.


Once you have completed the ISSN process we will receive an ISSN number. This number needs to be translated into a 13 EAN number that is then used to create your barcode.

In for retail copies you need the ISSN translated barcode with a 5 digit extension, this is a second smaller barcode next to the ISSN barcode on retail magazines. This 5 digit extension translates which issue of the year the magazine is on e.g. 16001 (1stissue of 2016) these extensions need to be consecutive and must never be repeated.

Although the ISSN barcode never changes, the 5 digit extension will change with every issue to identify which issue is on sale and to determine sales per issue.

We suggest you purchase your barcodes and extensions upfront, generally most Publishers choose to purchase for a year upfront. Please contact us for a quote.